The Book

The aim of The Women’s Sat Nav to Success is to enable women to have the work, recognition, support and rewards that ensure that their career is the best that it can be at every stage of the journey.

Founder, Diana Parkes, has now written the book that will help deliver that outcome. ‘Understand : Dare : Thrive. How to have your best career, from today’, is published by Arkbound Publishing.

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 About: Understand: Dare : Thrive - How to have your best career from today

The aim of The Women’s Sat Nav to Success is to provide readers at any career stage with the practical, proven strategies and psychological insights that will enable them to have their most rewarding and fulfilling working life. Given that you can’t manage what you don’t know, this book explains the underlying reasons why women are still paid less, progress more slowly, receive less support and rarely reach the top and it then focuses on how women can succeed given those realities.

It explains the psychology that sustains out-dated, genderised beliefs about capabilities in order to enable readers to separate their views of their own potential from cultural assumptions and to enable them to anticipate and circumvent their impact on behaviour and decision-making.

A range of the most limiting myths that persist are then dispelled (‘men are natural leaders’ etc) and replaced with liberating and empowering scientific and research-based facts. The core of the book takes readers through the most potent strategies that enable women to successfully navigate the workplace labyrinth. Distilled from interviews with over 45 high-achieving women representing many fields and functions these strategies are presented in a way that recognises that work and home lives are inextricably linked and that ‘success’ can mean different things to different people and at different life-stages.

The 20 ‘strategic enablers’ are presented in an accessible, clear, interactive coaching format to enable a chapter-by-chapter development of personal insights, priorities and plans, ultimately leading to the attainment of short-, medium- and long-term career fulfilment. Every area is supported by examples, case studies, anecdotes and recommendations taken from the interviews, bringing each area to life and genuinely resonating with the reader’s work-life realities.