"The most common reason why women strike out on their own is that they desire to advance their career."
Eagly & Carli

For Me

Women are inundated with messages about what they could or should do and many of these messages are conflicting – get to the top; stay at home to look after kids; work really hard; look fantastic; be a great friend; look after your parents. But what is it that is important to YOU at this stage in your life? What is it that you want to do or achieve that will give you the greatest sense of satisfaction?

The Women’s Sat Nav to Success™ make it happen for women who…

  • Want to find ways of making faster progress with their career
  • Are in an early leadership position and want to make the next critical step up
  • Have specific challenges they want to be sure they’ll meet and surpass:
    • new jobs they want to secure
    • new job roles they want to perform well in quickly
    • special projects that need to be successful 
    • difficult people or situations that need to be managed
    • appraisals that they want to go really well
  • Are frustrated because they don’t seem to be heard, valued or recognised for the work that they do
  • Missed out on roles (job roles or project roles) that should have been theirs
  • Are thinking about a family and are in a dilemma about the career implications
  • Have taken time out for children and are not sure what to do about picking up their career again
  • Have reached a point where they are wondering ‘is this it? Should I be doing something else? Something better? Something different?’


We’ve dedicated 7 years to listening to and analysing the career stories of ordinary women who have made it to the top. We’ve gone back to University and studied psychology to understand the causes of the challenges women face. We’ve done this to find the most important strategies for success, so you don’t have to spend a life time trying to work it out. So, now we know, and we want you to benefit by having your best career, starting today

The environment you’ll work in with us is non-judgemental and confidential. We are here to help you find what you want and enable you to get it.
How we do this ranges from one off conversations, to providing assessment tools, one-to-one coaching and mentoring.
Our fees respect our client’s circumstances – making a difference is more important than making a profit.
So, pick up the phone, email, text or tweet and let’s explore what would work best for you.