"Since 2005...better to have invested in corporates with women on their management than without."
Credit Suisse Research Inst. 2012

For My Organisation

Gender balance is a low-cost, high-return strategic imperative for organisations expected to deliver optimum performance. However, even those organisations that are making serious efforts to make this happen are struggling to make headway.

The Women’s Sat Nav to Success™ provides the elusive solution. It equips the most highly motivated groups in the gender diversity equation (women and leaders accountable for performance) with the insights, strategies and courage to make rapid progress.

The Women’s Sat Nav to Success™ is a practical, proven and comprehensive approach created and validated through:

  • Original research and  analysis of the careers of leading women across a comprehensive range of sectors, professions and functions
  • Contemporary specialist psychological understanding
  • In-depth understanding of how businesses really work, and the pressure to deliver results in real-time


Our pioneering change programmes are delivered by accredited consultants, coaches and trainers via a range of approaches:

  • Strategic development programmes (modules typically spread across a year)
  • One-to-one  coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Fast start workshops and seminars
  • Self assessment
  • Implicit bias testing & coaching support


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