"You’ve got to manage and network upwards. I think it is a huge mistake that women make. They think being good at your job is enough. It is a fraction of what you need to do."
Karen Guerra

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Why do women – the academic over achievers – under deliver against their career and salary potential? Is this about motherhood, about discrimination or maybe about a lack of drive? Does it matter and is there anything that can be done if it does matter?

Research on company performance across the world shows that having a critical mass of women at the top of an organisation drives significantly greater bottom line performance and higher levels of staff satisfaction.

Launched in 2011, The Women’s Sat Nav to Success™ provides proven routes through the labyrinth to career fulfilment and success. It provides the truth about the situation for many women today and practical strategies for women to achieve all they aspire to and merit at work. In doing so it delivers gender diversity for organisations and rewarding careers for individual women.

This revolutionary model and approach has been created through:


  • In-depth interviews with over 50 top women
  • Intensive research and specialist psychological understanding
  • Extensive leadership coaching experience
  • Over 20 years front-line commercial business experience


IET Women's NetworkSeminars and Workshops

Led by Diana Parkes, these events are primarily for women. However the challenges and solutions are relevant to anyone who manages people or has business performance accountability.

Seminars range from one hour to half day sessions and highlights include:


  • Where women are today. How the future is being limited by re-creating models from the past
  • Why women are a critical strategic imperative for economic success. The financial case
  • Taking control of your own destiny. How to navigate the workplace labyrinth
  • The 20 strategic components of success. Live self assessment and action planning


Seminars and workshops are popular with Women’s Network Groups, both within organisations and independent groups; professional institutes looking to develop, and enable women; organisations wanting to provide access to support for large numbers of women as a fast start or as part of a wider strategic change programme.