"Pretend to be confident, even if you’re not – learn to act."
Victoria Mountain

Client Views

"We asked Diana to assist us improving the Strategic Thinking in our business. We were clear that we did not want a two day chalk and talk workshops and threw her the challenge of designing something different that would help delegates have an intimate understanding of strategic thinking and the impact of their long term vision on the business. The programme that Diana designed was innovative and full of step-changing ideas that have delivered impressive results. Delegates learned fast…worked smarter…and delivered impressive commercial results as a direct outcome."

Sony  People & Organisational Development Consultant

"Diana has demonstrated, over the years I have worked with her, a real flair for innovative and step-changing ideas that have delivered impressive results. On her work with me for InBev globally, she developed a powerful strategic tool that enabled us to measure, in a simple and effective way, our capabilities, and then we were able to implement the findings which lead to improvements to our bottom line.

In addition to working on the process and strategic thinking, she also worked with me on one-on-one coaching. As a result I have developed a much better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and made me more aware myself which has lead to great self confidence.

Diana has a rare skill of being able to operate either as part of the team or as the idea leader. Her style is to collaborate with you to get the best results for the team and her drive and energy means that she always delivers a great result.

I would recommend Diana to anyone who is interested in developing and delivering world class, step changing innovative ideas that are implementable and deliver proven results."

InBev  Global Director, Point of Connection Activation

"The Women’s Sat Nav to Success changed my performance as a leader through helping me identify and deliver against my most commercially potent development areas. My brand portfolio is now in 50% year-on-year growth. It’s not coaching it better than that! Stop press: "I wanted you to know that your coachee made it to Vice President, Commercial Execution at the Coca-Cola Company. Thank you for all you have done to make that possible"

Coca-Cola Enterprises USA  Vice President, Commercial Execution

"The role in my organisation I was aiming for was particularly demanding and testing and I felt I needed help to reach a significant goal at a crucial time in my career. Through Diana Parkes experience and expertise in coaching I have developed new skills and resolved some very challenging situations and perhaps most important of all regained my own faith in my own abilities. By listening and playing back to me what I had said Diana was able to demonstrate to me that I clearly had the underlying skills and knowledge to achieve that goal but I needed to reinforce my own confidence in my abilities and needed to better articulate my worth to those around me. Her balanced, well researched and professionally presented programmes really opened my eyes and renewed my determination to succeed and her guidance allowed me to approach what I needed to do in a structured fashion which proved invaluable."

J.P. Morgan  Exec VP

"Diana has provided the IET Women’s Network with an exceptional service that she tailored to meet the needs of our organisation and members. The IET Women’s Network is an initiative aimed at supporting underrepresented groups within a male dominated field as well as providing a means of encouragement and empowerment. Diana has conducted a series of highly interactive, action-oriented developmental talks for our members that were thought-provoking, engaging and informative whilst adhering to our objectives. The feedback that we have recieved has been exceptionally good, resulting in a number of our members achieving a career goal. The talks are well presented and delivered in a professional and friendly manner. Diana is a very open, relaxed and approachable facilitator who is a leading authority in her field. We continue to enjoy working with her."

Institution of Engineering and Technology  Membership Exec

"I first came across Diana Parkes on Twitter. She had responded to a column I’d written about the things that stop – or seem to stop - women reaching the top. We had so many shared interests we decided to meet and I knew straight away that I wanted her to be my coach. I’d been a newspaper journalist for nearly 10 years, but my industry was on its knees, and I knew it was time to start thinking about the next phase of my career. I also knew this wasn’t going to be easy. I’d had the job of my dreams, and thought it was unlikely I was going to walk into something similar again. If I wanted a working life that worked for me, I knew I’d need to build it, piece by piece. Diana helped me clarify my vision of what this was, and saw me through every step of the way. As a journalist, I’ve had to be pretty thoughtful, and pretty analytical, but she helped me think of things I hadn’t thought of, by drilling down and not giving up. It takes a while to build a “portfolio” career, and, more than a year after starting, I’m still trying to get some bits of it off the ground. But I think I know where I’m going and this has a lot to do with Diana. She combines a rigorous analytical approach with in-depth psychological knowledge and emotional intelligence, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her."

Leading UK Columnist & Writer 

"The most valuable thing has been to have access to someone who inspires and motivates me, who stretches me and enables me to clarify my thinking - that’s you!"

States of Jersey  HR Leader, Chief minister’s Department

"Our prospects, our approach and our confidence have turned 180 degrees."

Art Organic  Founder

"I just wanted to let you know how the meeting with the MD went - PEME are going to put me through a university course. They are hoping to get me onto the MSc course at Manchester University. In addition, I’m also getting a 12% pay rise in April. So, thank you for the course it made a great difference to me. I felt amazing knowing my work was being recognised. I have a career progression set out and it seems to be moving quite quickly. More than anything the long term change will be the confidence. After the Sat Nav I honestly felt like the pieces of the puzzle were starting to fit together, the most important aspect was ensuring I had the support, which before I was seriously lacking. The confidence I now have in both my work and my abilities has enabled me to push my career progression to the next level."

Winner of the IET Young Engineer of the Year Award 

"Having organised hundreds of presentations over the past 13 years it was a delight to listen to one of the most talented women I have heard in a long time. Diana kept everyone enthralled with for the two hours with facts, tips and anecdotes. We could have all listened for hours longer. I look forward to organising another presentation by Diana in the near future."

New Zealand Inst. of Chartered Accountants  Branch Secretary

"Thought-provoking and useful specific suggestions of what to do." "Very good presenter, and it was good to learn the facts & reality about the gender differences regarding pay and promotions" "Clarity of the presentation and the interactive nature of the presentation & of course, the content, practical ideas to aid development. A lot to think about." "Fantastic presentation. Inspirational. Thank you Diana." "Accessible, very credible, down to earth presenter." "The facts / statistics relating to women in the workforce put an actual value on the issues we face as a gender Great presentation, very informative & engaging - quality of advise was v good - wish I’d heard it 15 years ago!" "It was great realising that there are more women out there feeling the same- it’s not just me!” " "Fantastic presentation" "Truly motivating and insightful" "Thank you" "Thanks for speaking with us on Thursday evening in Glasgow. Everything you mentioned was so true and I’m 100% sure I’ll be able to draft up my masterplan now. I’ve definitely reached a crossroads in my career and this has helped focus my energies into making my next move."

Women's Sat Nav to Success™ Seminars  Delegates Feedback

"I can’t recommend Diana and The Women’s Sat Nav to Success™ highly enough. Her wise and experienced coaching has been life-changing for me."

Brilliant Fish  Managing Director