‘love’ is...underperformance

Humans unconsciously communicate up to 350 verbal and non-verbal micro-messages every 10 minutes. These messages will include the communication of the biases they have towards certain people and away from others. So, when you are a member of a group that is not expected to be of the same value as members of another group you will consistently receive micro-messages that you are of less value

Stop boiling frogs, start fostering creative conflict

I believe that most companies have a boiling frog situation in the guise of the comfort of working in teams and meeting groups made up of people who are too similar. This is the characteristic of organisations that persist in believing they can thrive in competitive markets while drawing on only a limited portion of the talent pool

The gender-balance delusion

Sir Philip Hampton’s reflections on FTSE board-member’s excuses for not appointing women:

“We used to hear these excuses regularly a few years ago, thankfully much less so now. However, leaders expressing warm words of support but actually doing very little to appoint women into top jobs - or quietly blocking progress - are really not much better.”

Taking gender out of the gender pay debate

Organisations that fail to ensure that all contributions – not just those with the loudest voices - are heard, valued and respected are undermining their own performance. They will promote and progress those that they hear and see. Others get left behind. The gender pay gap measures this effect. Gender bias is so ubiquitous that it can be easily measured. But what of the other groups of talent who don’t get heard? How damaging to people and profit is it to allow a culture to persist which measurably fails to recognise and apply its talent?

The board says take action on gender diversity

The board want to take action on gender diversity and now you have to respond. Read this before you do, as there are critical questions you need answers to before you develop a plan of action if you are to succeed.

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