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The Silent Crisis of 21st Century Mothers

Today, it’s expected that women must strive for the top - to ‘make it’ in their careers given all the risks, sacrifices and efforts to achieve equality that have gone before. So, push forward and whatever you do, don’t mention domestic challenges.So,working mothers anxiety goes through the roof as they try to carry the whole burden in silence. It’s time to confront and address domestic inequality to really liberate working women’s potential.

Do what you. Here's how

One of the many challenges for women today is that they have so many options and choices. Today, apparently, you can be anything. But, it seems, there is a societal expectation floating in the ether that you also need to be everything. But there are only 24 hours in a day and you do need sleep. So, you must make choices

Being Heard?

Have you ever had the situation when you’re in a meeting and you put forward a solution to something that’s being discussed, and it’s as if you were in a parallel universe, not actually the same meeting?

I just don't feel valued

If I got a fiver for every time I heard a woman say "My results should speak for themselves - I should get rewarded based on how well I’m doing"…I’d have retired at a shockingly young age.

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