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If not targets, teeth

"We can’t possibly put in targets or quotas – it’ll upset the women who get promoted as they’ll think they’re just token”.

You know what – they’ll get over it (or so the post-quota legislation female leaders in Norway tell us) – they’ll be too busy doing what they love and have been over-working and over-performing all their careers in the hope of.

Replacing HR with HRT – the behavioural economic crisis in talent management

HRT, in this context, is the Homosocial Reproductive Tendency – in other words the tendency to promote and recruit in your own image and in keeping with the current profile of a group or team. And men over index on this tendency*. This means white men will favour recruiting and promoting white men and compounds the issues of unconscious gender and ethnicity bias

Exit Stage Left - Female Talent

Recent targets for female Non-Exec Directors on boards of leading companies have resulted in an apparently promising shift in the number of women who attend the board meetings of leading companies in various countries in Europe. But those are the only days these women are in the building, because, unlike Executive Directors, they work on, not in the business.

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