"When you know the rules of the game you can break them, or subtly change them"
Barbara Follett

About Us

The Women’s Sat Nav to Success™ represents a diverse network of highly commercial people with a contemporary and refreshing view on leadership, success and talent development. We also have strong views about the importance of bringing female talent to the fore.

We’ve successfully run businesses, functions and teams, and managed customers as well as budgets. So, we’re clear that getting to the what to do is the relatively easy bit – we focus on the critical differentiator of success - the how.

We have invested in original research; we’ve invested in developing our own capability; and, we’ve invested (and continue to invest) a lot of time in thinking, listening, challenging and external discussion. This has enabled us to develop strategic solutions and delivery approaches which make the how work in real time, for real organisations and for real people.

Members of The Women’s Sat Nav network are specifically trained and accredited not only to be experts in content but also to deliver with integrity and respect for individuals choices, values and priorities

The Women’s Sat Nav Network is led by Diana Parkes

Diana Parkes

Diana Parkes

Diana Parkes, is a leading authority on women in the world of work, the challenges they face, the reasons for these challenges and the most potent and practical solutions. Diana’s reputation is built on 20 years delivering exceptional commercial performance in front-line and senior management positions in global organisations such as Mars, Coca-Cola, Carlsberg and Glendinning Management Consultants and subsequently as a corporate coach and psychologist. She has led a seven-year research programme to identify women’s critical strategies for success across a comprehensive range of workplaces and embedded them in the range of approaches you find here. So, now Diana’s focus is on using this unique foundation of knowledge to work with individuals and organisations to enable women to articulate what success means to them and to accelerate their progress towards their goals

Diana’s book, The Women’s Sat Nav to Success: How to Have Your Best Career, is published by Arkbound Publishing and you can hear Diana’s overview here

Diana’s defining force is to enable women to achieve all that they aspire to and merit.

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