No more bad news. Time to focus on solutions

Another report* came out yesterday detailing new dimensions to the issues women face at work that result in lower pay and slower promotion.

Enough. We’ve got the picture.

The reality is that it can be tougher for women. Now let’s move on and focus on with dealing with that reality and what women can positively and personally do to get more of what they want out of their working lives – whether that’s more money, better opportunities, greater respect and recognition, higher status, access to training or whatever ‘success’ might mean to them.

At The Women’s Sat Nav to Success we’ve spent years investing our time and expertise to identify the most potent strategies that individual women can use to achieve their short, medium and long term goals more fully, more quickly and, frankly, with less pain. These range from how to address the issues of self belief which hold many women back from putting themselves forward for opportunities (from the seemingly insignificant upwards) to how to be heard when you do speak up. 

In October, we’re launching our first Annual Women’s Sat Nav to Success Survey which is a direct opportunity for every woman over 18 in the UK to assess herself against the 20 Sat Nav to Success strategies and to learn what steps she can choose to take next.

Not only will the survey show individual women what they can do, it will also identify what employers, professional institutions and policy makers need to focus on to be successful at making careers fair and fulfilling for all employees.

Email us at to receive your direct invitation to complete the survey on launch day and be part of changing the debate to what we can do rather than dwelling on what’s wrong!


*'Do Women Ask?', published by Warwick Economics and featured on BBC Business News and Radio 4 on 8th September suggests that women ask for pay rises as often as men but get declined more than men.