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Rebecca Salt


Should we employ men of child-bearing age?

If you were a fly on the wall of recruitment discussions involving non-HR leaders, especially in SMEs, you might well hear comments along the lines of ‘we just can’t afford to take the risk of employing men of child-bearing age’. It’s dangerous talk, but it is, perhaps understandable, when employers face the reality of male employees unreasonable and frequent demands for pay rises and promotions based on front rather than facts, that many employers baulk at the idea of employing men. They are too expensive when they work for you, and then, when they throw their teddy out of the pram for not meeting their demands and strop-off for a higher status job, you’re faced with recruitment and training costs and the performance time-lag until their replacement gets up to speed.

I am a woman and I AM an expert

Next week’s Northern Powerhouse Conference has only 13 women amongst the 98 speakers and there’s been uproar. The conference organisers are saying ‘don’t look at us, look at the organisations who we asked to put forward their experts’. Commentators are concluding that it’s either that these organisations don’t have female experts to contribute to this agenda or they’re not choosing women as their best option to speak. However, there is a third option, which is that women aren’t putting themselves forward as the expert. The reality is likely to be a combination of all three factors.

Time to Focus on Solutions or the most important Women’s Survey of 2017

Evidence is now overwhelming that the financial performance of companies with a ‘critical mass’ of women at the top is significantly better compared to those without, and yet research shows that companies implementing gender diversity strategies aren’t making significant progress. Even the best UK companies – the FTSE 350 - still have fewer than 10% of the executive director roles filled by women. Against this background, we are launching The Women’s Sat Nav to Success Survey 2017 which will provide a detailed analysis of where women are against the most potent and strategic enablers of success, measuring how this affects levels of engagement with their employer and attitudes to career progression.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. spells performance

One of the most consistent themes in coaching sessions with ambitious women is an enormous frustration about feeling that their views, achievements and capabilities are not respected. These driven individuals think that they are giving their all and doing great work that should demand the attention and respect but feel that they are performing to an empty house. Does it matter to anyone but those individuals? Are they asking too much?

Women's Engineering Society - Supporting the Women's Sat Nav to Success Survey

We are delighted that the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) are supporting our Women’s Sat Nav to Success Survey 2017.

The challenges that face women in the workplace can be both complex and subtle so it would be insulting to suggest that there are easy or obvious solutions. However, our deep and detailed research has identified the most powerful portfolio of enablers of success.

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